– development, implementation, support, repair of the high-precision measurement aviation airborne and ground-based equipment;
– delivery of the research, design and development works to the benefit of civil and experimental aviation;
– measurements for monitoring and analyzing electromagnetic situation of the radio electronic facilities.

Since 1995 LLC «Firm «AVIATEST» is one the world`s and russian`s leading developer of the Automatic Flight Inspection Systems (AFIS) — «ASLK». Complicated aviation measurement equipment is high precision metrological systems and require our employees high professional skills, strict abidance of the methods and ideology of measurement processes and flight experiments.
Longstanding experience in service, repair and installation of civil (ILS/VOR/DME etc.) and military (RSBN/PRMG) landing and navigation systems allows our leading specialists to produce unique digital AFIS «ASLK-NU», which are carrying out periodic and initial inspection of airport`s systems situated everywhere in Russia.
Second to none ASLK-NU digital airborne equipment was specially designed for real-time electromagnetic field density measurements, so as high precision ground based satellite augmentation system (GPS/GLONASS) for determination of the test-bed position with 10 cm accuracy.
In 2009 ASLK-NU has successfully fulfilled all the governmental tests and efficiently operates in several air companies. In 2014 ASLK-NU passed the government certification tests for ROSTEST metrology certificate and now appears to be the only AFIS as special measurement equipment in Russia.
Since 2001 Firm «AVIATEST» widely participate in different surveys of reforming military part of radio spectrum for civil mobile network operators. In these observations AFIS «ASLK-NU» fulfill the flight tests for evaluation of electromagnetic situation and estimation the effects of cell base stations on military flight facilities.
In 2012-2013 Firm «AVIATEST», participating in Federal «Program for modernization of air-traffic management in Russia», carried out the development work called «Mobile laboratory for evaluation of performance aviation radio technical facilities and aviation telecommunication affected by unintended interference».
Mobile laboratory «Muravei» can be used for:
— permanent or periodic monitoring the RF load of aviation radio electronic facilities` frequency band;
— locating and analyzing the emitters of intended and unintended interference;
— determination the location of intended (unintended) interference sources and evaluation the rate effect on aviation facilities;
— controlling the performance of aviation facilities associated the RF spectrum.
For over the 20 years LLC «Firm «AVIATEST» provide the best to our customers, granting the most precision high performance measurement equipment and quality service in all the lifecycle of ground based aviation facilities. We always intended for new tasks and enhancement of existing apparatus according to modern standards and customers demands.